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PictureAir Event

This is the ONLY software you need if you are running Events frequently and require to perform Instant Print as a value added service to your customers. It allows for quick easy navigation to files and apply templates, backup management and etc. Following are the key features:

  • Simple
    Easy and simple to use interface. Intuitive user graphics to perform the necessary functions.
  • Management of Templates
    Allow one to add or delete templates for every event. Also allow photographer to select which template to apply for different pictures within clicks.
  • Management of Pictures
    Pictures can be grouped according to different camera man, and color correction, including brightness and position can be easily adjusted by a few clicks.
  • Other Features
    – Slideshow functions (require more than 1 software)
    – Auto Printing Functions
    – Support for Wi-Fi and Manual upload
Now it is FREE with every purchase of the new PictureAir Event Printer. Download brochure here.
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